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ISOM – International School of Ministry
A Bible School for every Church and every Christian

Did you always want to take part in a Bible School in order to understand God's Word the Bible better and to grow in your faith?
Do you want to be trained for ministry and as a disciple of Jesus Christ where you live?

Then the ISOM Bible School is the best and most cost-effective possibility in the German-speaking nations and in Europe to do that in your church or group! Learn how you can be trained, RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE, with some of the best teachers in the world.

Introduction Video of the ISOM Bible School

The International School of Ministry (ISOM) is the worlds largest multimedia Bible School with over 350.000 students in 150 nations.

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SOME PLUSPOINTS of the ISOM Bible School

+  Clearly structured training in 5 Semesters.
+  Practical courses which teach biblical knowledge and train for ministry.
+  Training of the head (knowledge), heart (charakter) and hand (ministry)
+  Very inexpensive: Only 70 Euro per Student/Semester in a group.
+  Internationally recognized diplomas with out partner universities.
+  Training of the whole church in God's Word and for ministry.
+  Available in 70 languages (see the link below)
+  Training with over 70 internationally recognized teachers.
+  Very good study workbooks for each Semester.


1.  To help churches become a training center for ministry.

2.  To train Christians as disciples of Jesus and effective ministers.

Order TODAY the Semester 1 package for just 200 Euro OR the Introduction package for only 15 Euro with a value of 50 Euro. We will give you a credit on this amount when you order the Semester 1 package later in order to start the Bible School.

We are looking forward to support you and others in your church to train with the ISOM Bible School.

Abundant blessings,

Markus Rapp
ISOM Bible School - Europe office

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