Semester 1 - Bibelschule für Gemeinden und Einzelschüler

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Semester 1 / Overview of the courses

Course 1: Fundations of Faith

Course 2: Supernatrual Living & Healing

Course 3: New Testament Overview

Course 4: Praise & Worship

Course 5: The Fear of the Lord

Foundations of Faith (6 Lessons)

Bayless Conley is pastor of Cottonwood church in California and a popular television preacher whose services are viewed around the world. In this course he teaches the foundations of the Christian faith and is an ideal starting point for young Christians as well. The central biblical truths are taught in an understandable way.

1. The Bible is God's Word. The trinity
2. The divinity and mission of Jesus
3. Saved by grace. Heaven and hell, second coming of Christ
4. Person and work of the Holy Spirit
5. Divine healing
6. Order in the church

Supernatural Living & Healing (10 Lessons)

Dr. A. L. Gill is author of many books and has a worldwide teaching service with a strong use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This course comprehensively teaches the nine main spiritual gifts of the New Testament and introduces Christians to a powerful lifestyle of faith. Many Christians have experienced in their lives a powerful release of spiritual gifts through this course.

1. Knowing the Holy Spirit
2. The door to the gifts of the spirit
3. The word gifts of the Holy Spirit
4. The revelation gifts
of the Holy Spirit

5. The power gifts of the Holy Spirit

6. The gifts of healing
7. Healing ministry and the Great Commission
8. The healing power of God
9. Speaking Words of Healing
10. Ministry of laying on of hands

New Testament Overview (10 Lessons)

This course is an excellent introduction of Dr. John Amstutz to the 27 books of the New Testament. He teaches the essential focal points of each New Testament book and gives many helpful instructions to study the different books. John Amstutz is a popular Bible teacher who has years of experience teaching this course.

1. Introduction to the New Testament
2. Matthew, Mark, Luke: Three portraits of Jesus
3. John: Fourth Portrait of Jesus
4. Acts of the Apostles: Spread of the Gospel
5. Romans: The gospel of grace

6. 1. & 2. Corinthians, Galatians

7. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon
8. 1. & 2. Timothy and Titus: Leadership
9. Hebrews, James, Peter: Letters to believers
10. Revelation: Completing all things

Praise & Worship (5 Lessons)

LaMar Boschman is the author of several bestsellers on praise. He is head of the  "International Praise Leaders Institute ." He teaches with many examples from the Old and New Testament that every Christian is called to live a life of praise and worship. He shows how such a lifestyle fills with God's power and leads to many of God's blessings.

1. Priority, purpose and meaning of praise
2. The role of music in God's Kingdom
3. The meaning of the "new song"
4. Our responsibility as worshipper
5. How to become a worshipper

The Fear of the Lord (1 Lesson)

John Bevere reaches thousands of people every year by serving in churches, Bible schools and at conferences around the world. His vision is to strengthen the faith and spiritual life of believers, to awaken the lost and set prisoners free and to proclaim the knowledge of God's glory to nations.

1. The fear of the Lord

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