Semester 2 - Bibelschule für Gemeinden und Einzelschüler

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Semester 2 / Course Overview

Course 1: The Power of Prayer
Course 2: Ministry of Helps
Course 3: Old Testament Overview
Course 4: The Essence of the Gospel
Course 5: Jesus Our Healer Today
Course 6: Living by Faith

The Power of Prayer (6 Lessons)

Dick Eastman was president of "Every Home Crusade" for many years, a ministry that brings the gospel to every home worldwide. In this powerful course, Dr. Eastman teaches how prayer can open a closed door, obtain God's promises, and is the way to effectively spread the gospel. He also introduces a practical prayer model on how to pray for an hour every day.
1. The power of prayer: Part 1
2. The power of prayer: Part 2
3. The practice of prayer: Part 1
4. The practice of prayer: Part 2
5. The purpose of prayer

Ministry of Helps  (5 Lessons)

Many call Buddy Bell a friend of pastors. He teaches in this course that every Christian has a ministry that can contribute to the growth of the Church and the Kingdom of God. His teaching on the biblical but often overlooked ministry of helps (1 Corinthians 12:28) has already blessed and changed churches around the world.
1. Journey of a servant
2. No fear of leadership: Part 1
3. No fear of leadership: Part 2
4. God uses both: Stars and candles
5. Become a fiery servant

Old Testament Overview (10 Lessons)

Pastor Gornold-Smith from England has worked for many years with the Assemblies of God and the ICI University (International Correspondence Institute). This course provides an excellent overview and an introduction to the study of the Old Testament. He gives an understanding of the history of the people of Israel and the most important revelations of God to His people.
1. Approaching the Old Testament
2. Structure of the Bible and creation
3. The image of God and the fall
4. Babel and Abraham: Concept of covenant
5. Exodus, the covenant of God, treaties, the law, rituals
6. Joshua, Canaan, conquest, Judges, Ruth
7. David, Hebrew poetry, Psalms
8. Solomon, wisdom literature, Proverbs, Job
9. Division, exile, return, Israel, Judah, Assyria, Babylon and Persia
10. The prophets: Elijah, Elisha, the Scripture prophets

The Essence of the Gospel (5 Lessons)

Terry Law's ministry "World Compassion" focuses on providing nations with literature, teaching and humantiarian help. He is known worldwide for his books on faith, praise and angels. He teaches about the great exchange on the cross, where Jesus transformed the curse into blessing, sickness into health, weakness into strength, sin into justice.
1. The divine exchange: Part 1
2. The divine exchange: Part 2
3. What sets angels in motion
4. The triumph of praise
5. How to release your faith

Jesus our Healer Today (5 Lessons)

Bayless Conley is pastor of the Cottonwood Church in California and a popular television preacher whose TV services are seen around the world. In this course, he shows what God's Word says in the Old and New Testaments about God's willingness to heal our sicknesses. This course builds faith that healing is available to us today through Jesus sacrifice on the cross.
1. If it is your will
2. Healing in the blood of Jesus
3. A complete redemption
4. Moses, the serpent and healing
5. The mercy for healing

Living by Faith (2 Lessons)

Bill Winston is a man who lives what he preaches. In 1989, the Lord led him to Chicago, where he founded the Living Word Christian Center, which now has more than 18,000 members. He teaches very clearly how faith works, how to grow in it, and how our faith can overcome every mountain and problem and attain God's promises.
1. Living by faith: Part 1
2. Living by faith: Part 2
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