Semester 3 - Bibelschule für Gemeinden und Einzelschüler

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Semester 3 / Course Overview

Course 1: Mobilization for Multiplication
Course 2: Church-Centered Training
Course 3: Cell groups and the Principle of 12
Course 4: Power Evangelism
Course 5: Integrity of the Leader
Course 6: The Vision of the Leader
Course 7: Church Planting in Teams
Course 8: Led by the Holy Spirit
Course 9: Men who keep their Word

Mobilization for Multiplication (1 Lesson)

In the 1990s, Berin Gilfillan received from God the vision for the ISSOM Bible School. In this lesson, he talks about God's promise to Abraham to multiply him like the stars in the sky and the sand by the sea. He points out that God, in His Word, has promised multiplication in five key areas for every Christian and for every church as we learn to do our part.

1. Mobilize to multiply

Church-Centered Training (3 Lessons)

Dr. Stan de Koven is founder and president of Vision International University (VIU), through which the ISOM Bible School receives its Bachelor's and Master's diplomas. The university specialises in helping churches to set up and accredit schools In this course, Stan teaches how to structure and build a training program.
1. A model of training for ministry
2. The purpose and goals of teaching
3. Planning a training centre

Cell Groups & the Principle of 12 (5 Lessons)

Larry Stockstill is founder of one of America's leading cell-based churches. Today he has an international travel ministry and is author of many books. He teaches in this course how each church can build a strong ministry of cell groups. His principle of the Twelve, inspired by Jesus 12 disciples, forms the structure for disciple and leadership training.
1. Purpose of cell groups
2. Evangelism
3. Training of leaders
4. Principles of multiplication
5. Great church leaders

Power Evangelism (5 Lessons)

Reinhard Bonnke is a world-renowned evangelist who has seen millions of people in Africa and worldwide saved through his powerful preaching. This course is a classic about evangelism in fire and the power of the Holy Spirit. In this course, Bonnke teaches the secrets of evangelism, as well as the lifestyle needed to bear much fruit.
1. Fiery evangelists
2. Power of the Holy Spirit
3. Integrity of the servant
4. The Great Commission
5. Fire of the Holy Spirit

Integrity of the Leader  (2 Lessons)

Jack Hayford is pastor of the well-known Church on the Way in California, which also gave rise to the Cleansing Stream Ministries Seminar. He is known worldwide as a pastor for pastors. This is a key course on a leader's heart and a lifestyle of integrity in words and deeds, which is a stable foundation for lifelong ministry.
1. The integrity of the heart
2. A forgiving Christian

The Vision of the Leader (5 Lessons)

David Shibley is founder of Global Advance, which focuses on training pastors and leaders for effective ministry. In this very practical course, he teaches how to receive, pray for, and fulfill a vision of God. It is very helpful course for every Christian to develop his or her own vision for life in a step by step process.
1. Grasping the vision
2. Quality of a visionary
3. God's vision & your vision
4. Focus of your vision
5. Financing the vision

Church Planting in Teams  (5 Lessons)

Dr. Jim Feeney was a pastor for many years in the Abbot Loop church in Alaska, which sent over 1,000 of its members to plant new churches. In this course he teaches how to form teams of church planters, train them for ministry and send them out later. The course teaches a proven model that has been tried and tested in practice.
1. Overview of church planting
2. The local church as a school for ministry
3. Vocational people in the church
4. Selection of church planting teams
5. Preparing and sending teams

Led by the Holy Spirit (5 Lessons)

Bayless Conley is pastor of Cottonwood church in California and a popular television preacher who is watched around the world.  In this course, he teaches how to hear God's voice and experience His guidance in everyday life. He shares very practical insights on how to improve one's ministry, how to serve the Lord in a balanced way as a married couple and as a family.
1. Guided by the Holy Spirit
2. How God guides us through our spirit
3. Direction in difficult times
4. The priorities of life
5. Dangers in the search for guidance

Men who keep their word (1 Lesson)

Dr. Ed Cole is the already deceased founder of the worldwide Christian men's network. His ministry has affected the lives of millions of men in over 150 countries worldwide. The message of this lesson influenced football coach Bill McCartney to start the Promise Keeper movement. This is a lesson every man and woman should hear and heed.

1. Men who keep their word

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