Semester 4 - Bibelschule für Gemeinden und Einzelschüler

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Semester 4 / Course Overview

Course 1: Desert Mentalities
Course 2: Development of Leaders
Course 3: Cell Group Leaders
Course 4: Ministry of Reconciliation
Course 5: Personal Evangelism
Course 6: Spiritual Warfare
Course 7: Authority and Forgiveness
Course 8: Spiritual Breakthrough

Desert Mentalities (7 Lessons)

Joyce Meyer is known and loved worldwide for her radio and television programs "Life in the Word ." She is author of many books and has the gift of conveying the truth of the Word of God in a very practical way. This course shows how Christians can deprive themselves of God's blessing and heritage through false ways of thinking.
1. Ways of thinking, vision, responsibility
2. Responsibility in crises
3. Lament and impatience
4. Negative talk and victim mentality
5. Attitude of self-pity
6. Concept of self-worth
7. Comparing, hardness and rebellion

Development of Leaders (5 Lessons)

Brian Houston is founding pastor of Hillsong Church, Australia's largest church. He is known for his gift for training leaders in all areas of life and ministry. In this course he teaches the most essential principles of becoming a successful leader and how to think, talk and live in a blessed and successful way.
1. The heart of a leader
2. The heart determines the direction of your life
3. Your heart determines your success in life
4. Leader or follower
5. Pitfalls for visionaries

Cell Group Leader (1 Lesson)

Billy Hornsby was for many years the pastor for cell groups of the Bethany World Prayer Center, the fast-growing cell church of Larry Stockstill. He was responsible for training the leaders of cell groups and in this lesson passes on very valuable principles on how to effectively lead cell groups and train the leaders.

1. Effectiveness

Ministry of Reconciliation (4 Lessons)

A. R. Bernard is pastor of New York City's largest church and a respected leader in the United States. Few are as qualified as he is to talk about reconciling peoples and races. This course goes deeper than issues of race, and also deals with the spiritual and natural origin of humanity and its common destiny.
1. Introduction
2. Origin and destiny
3. Strategy of the enemy
4. Living a reconciled life

Personal Evangelism (5 Lessons)

Ray Comfort is a passionate evangelist from New Zealand. He is author of more than 30 books. One of his most important books is "Hells best kept secret". In this course he teaches biblical principles of personal evangelism, the proper use of the law, and effective communication of the gospel.
1. Hell's greatest secret
2. True and false conversion
3. Militant evangelism
4. God does not believe in atheists
5. How to catch fire for God

Spiritual Warfare (5 Lessons)

Dean Sherman is a recognized Bible teacher. He has taught about spiritual struggle at conferences and in churches around the world for over 30 years. In this course he teaches about the reality of our struggle against the evil forces of darkness and how we can live in victory. Dean Sherman has been a leader with Youth With A Mission for over 30 years.
1. The Biblical foundation
2. Understanding spiritual warfare
3. Spiritual warfare and the gates of hell
4. Destroying the gates of hell
5. Exercising authority in society

Authority and Forgiveness (2 Lessons)

John Bevere teaches thousands of people every year through serving in churches, Bible schools and conferences worldwide. His vision is to strengthen the faith of Christians and lead them into spiritual maturity. These lessons are key messages how we overcome the enemy's annoyances (his bait) and live under God's protection.
1. The bait of the enemy
2. Under God's protection

Spiritual Breakthrough (3 Lessons)

Marilyn Hickey has been with many heads of nations and heads of governments. She is an evangelist, popular teacher and book author. In this course, she teaches about the spiritual disciplines that led her to the breakthrough of faith. These principles have changed the lives of countless people worldwide.
1. Bible memorization: Part 1
2. Bible memorization: Part 2
3. Breaking generational curses
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