Semester 5 - Bibelschule für Gemeinden und Einzelschüler

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Semester 5 / Course Overview

Course 1: The Christ Connection
Course 2: Lifestyle of Giving
Course 3: Biblical Elders
Course 4: Reaching a New Generation
Course 5: Ministry to Children
Course 6: Ministry to Youth

The Christs Connection (7 Lessons)

T.L. Osborn is known worldwide for his enormous merits as an evangelist. He has led millions of people to Jesus and served in 78 countries. His personal statement on this course: "These are the most important truths I have learned in 55 years of my ministry!" This course releases faith to do the works of Jesus in our generation.
1. Jesus, our model
2. Our credibility
3. Jesus, our inspiration
4. Our response
5. Experience
6. Action
7. Our status

Lifestyle of Giving (5 Lessons)

Pastor Wayne Myers is an experienced missionary and has served the Lord in over 70 countries worldwide for the past 50 years. He teaches Christians to lead a lifestyle of giving, as Jesus exemplified. This course shows that everything we sow – time, finance, love, our gifts and talents will come back to us in a variety of ways in the form of a harvest.
1. The maximum lifestyle
2. Start the lifestyle of giving
3. The fruits of a lifestyle of giving
4. Can God? God can!
5. Living & giving beyond the possible

Biblical Elders (5 Lessons)

Dick Benjamin planted hundreds of churches, for which he served as their apostolic leader for many decades. In this course he teaches about the ministry, character and qualifications of elders. He lays out very clearly how important good elders and the leadership of the five-fold ministry are for healthy church development.
1. What is an elder?
2. Tasks of elders
3. Character of elders
4. The fivefold ministry: Part 1
5. The fivefold ministry: Part 2

Reaching a New Generation (7 Lessons)

Willie George is pastor of the Church on the Move , one of the largest churches in the United States. Through his passion to reach a new generation, he has set an international standard of ministry to children and youth. In this course, he teaches his insights into how a church can reach the next generation effectively.
1. What the Bible says about children ministry
2. The law of hospitality
3. The last days of the harvest
4. Preaching to children
5. Children ministry led by the pastor
6. Getting the attention of a child
7. Becoming a good story teller

Ministry to Children (4 Lessons)

Jim Wideman was the pastor for children ministry at Church on the Move for many years. In this course, he teaches the principles that helped build a strong church and an excellent children's program. He teaches about areas such as managing time and people, setting goals, problem solving and other organizational issues.
1. Use of puppets in children ministry
2. How to become a problem solver
3. Organizing children ministry for growth
4. How to release others as helpers

Ministry to Youth (4 Lessons)

Blaine Bartel led the fast-growing youth ministry of Church on the Move for many years. More than 2,500 youth gather each week for worship and evangelism. Their 180 concept has now been adopted by hundreds of other churches. In this course, he teaches the practical principles that have made this ministry so effective.
1. The vision for young people
2. Lead your leaders to excellence
3. Effective communication with young people
4. Organizing an effective youth ministry
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