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Steps to start an ISOM Bible School

You can start an ISOM Bible School at any time of the year in your church, your house or any other rooms.

Here are some steps for a successful start of your own school:

1. Order the Semester 1 Package for 200,00 Euro


   • The first five DVD courses (32 lessons)
   • One study workbook for the first student
   • Leader Handbook with many tips + Leader-CD with exams
   • The book "Unlocking the Abraham Promise"

2. Introduce the Bible School in your church service and meetings.

3. Put information flyers and student admission forms on a table in your church.

4. Organize a meeting to introduce the Bible School for everybody and view a lesson and share about ISOM.

5. Select a Bible School leader and a deputy. Tip: For the first five Semesters it is very good when the Pastor leads the school.

6. Select a central place for the Bible School where students can it at desks and where a Videobeamer or big TV screen is available.

7. Select the best date with all Bible school students when it is held weekly. Example: Select one evening per week.

8. Develop a complete meeting schedule for the Semester, where each weekly meeting and the course topics can be read.

9. Send the complete Bible School and student admission forms to Christ for Europe. We need the following:
   • Complete typed name list of all students
   • Bible School admission and all student admission forms
   • Payment of all study fees for all students for Semester 1 (70 Euro per student per Semester)

10. Start the Bible School in your rooms. Tip: The first two weeks people can still test the Bible School without admission.

Please call us if you have any questions: +49 (0)33398 – 918 771

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